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Offering many possibilities for the tinting of automotive windows, Tinttech guarantees you a personalized service to the maximum. Plus, whichever you choose, you get added protection from the sun as well as added safety. Take advantage of our advice!

Clever organization for optimal installation

Guaranteeing you fast and efficient support, we have set up an optimal reservation service. Contact us for free by phone or by filling out our online form!

Thanks to our unrivaled reputation, we have created a network of partners to ensure coverage throughout the country. To tint the windows of your car, three possibilities are possible:

At Tinttech : quick support in our premises equipped with a waiting room equipped with WIFI to work or wait while surfing the internet.

At our partner Carglass: treatment of your vehicle in the Carglass center of your choice . Comfortable waiting room and also open WIFI.

At your dealership: Recognized by the biggest automotive brands across the country, Tinttech is a partner of many dealers and importers. Just ask your own dealer. He will make the appointment and follow up. Your dealer is not yet working with us? He will very quickly be interested in doing so. Talk to him!

Whatever the color desired, we guarantee the driver a result beyond his expectations.

A wide range of solutions for tinting your car windows

Tinttech is the OFFICIAL AND EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of the Llumar© brand, world leader in the development and production of high-tech treatments for glass. This manufacturer offers many products to meet your needs in terms of aesthetics, safety and comfort. Regardless of the desired tint, our treatments offer many advantages: 99% protection against sunlight and its UV rays, very considerable reduction in the heat of the passenger compartment in summer, reduction in visibility from the outside to protect from prying eyes, perfect placement without any flaws and 100% comparable to an original shade!

The classic range: offering a sober and aesthetic result, completely matching your bodywork and the tint already present in your windows, these products are available in 4 main opacities:

The LATI range Superior ceramic quality: Offering increased performance in their thermal insulation capacities, these products are available in 4 categories

– LATI Ceramic Coated Window treatment: Made up of multilayer ceramic materials, these treatments are the most effective against penetrating heat in the cabin. (available in 30%, 50%, 65%, 80% and 95%)

The range of special treatments:

– Clima Select: Almost invisible, this treatment resulting from the most advanced technology is the most effective of all and complements your mass-tinted windows with its high insulating capacity. Also known as ESP for “Extra Solar Protection”. Ideal if you already have factory-tinted windows!

– Classic Green 66%: faithfully reproduces the factory color while offering real heat-resistant performance. Its light green tone is very relaxing for the eyes.

Our technology

The tinting of automotive glass is carried out by the thermo-application of our product on the internal face of the windows, and this in two stages:

We cut the Llumar© treatment digitally, for perfect precision according to the model of your vehicle. Our Llumar-PrecisionCut® software exclusively reserved for professionals, offers you an incomparable finish!

We first clean the windows very thoroughly using a specific decontamination process so that no dust gets stuck between the treatment and the glass. To obtain a finish comparable to a color in the mass and perfect adhesion, the application is done hot, on the inside of the windows. Our team takes the time to apply the treatment so that no defects are present in the final result.

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