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On the other hand, this type of structure now seems obsolete, and even from another time, especially for highway code courses. Indeed, old-fashioned code courses, in crowded rooms with a slide atmosphere, are no longer popular with young people and we understand very well why

Then, find out about the teaching resources implemented there to train you: the quality of the theoretical and practical training, the skills of the teaching team, the various learning materials available to you, the possibility of following regular driving lessons, the vehicles offered for this purpose, etc.

Find out about prices

Although it is obvious that the price is a crucial point in the choice of a structure, the fact remains that it is better not to dwell too much on the advertised price, but rather on what this price includes.

In terms of license prices, it is clear that online driving schools offer much more attractive prices than traditional driving schools with “code + 20 hours of driving” packages displayed at attractive prices, around 700 euros on average everywhere in France (729 euros at Lepermislibre for example).

Whereas in a traditional structure, prices are set freely by each structure and vary according to their location. This is how you will pay much more if you pass the license in a driving school in Paris, than if you pass it in the north, for example. The independent association UFC Que Choisir has also established a national average of €1,155 for a package code + 20 hours of driving in a classic structure.

Moreover, if you only want to pass the code, the prices of online platforms are simply unbeatable, ranging from 20 to 60 euros (19 euros at Lepermislibre) to which you will have to add 30 euros for passing the exam. We are therefore a long way from a billing of 300 euros on average for the code in conventional driving schools, even if the 30 euros for passing the exam are included in the code package.

Choose a driving school that applies the regulations in force

Check the accreditation number and the diplomas of the instructors

Whether online or traditional, all approved driving schools in France must have an approval number. So if the one you are interested in is unable to show you hers, it is quite simply because she is not in good standing with the administration: only one piece of advice in this case, run away!

In the same way, any driving instructor, whether he works as an employee in a traditional structure or as a partner instructor of an online driving school, must absolutely be qualified. So even if it seems delicate to you, don’t hesitate to ask yours about their qualifications: after all, it is the quality of the education you will receive and your safety that depend on it…

Take an assessment before registering

Before offering you a package (code + 20 hours of driving, code + 35 hours of driving, etc.) or having you subscribe to several hours of driving, the structure you have chosen must imperatively carry out your assessment.

Indeed, one of the driving instructors must take the time to get you behind the wheel of a driving school vehicle to see what you know and estimate with you the number of driving lessons you will need to train yourself.

It is only following this evaluation that an offer that perfectly meets your needs should be formulated.

The purpose of this document, which binds the student and the establishment, is to clarify the training methods and contains, for this purpose, a great deal of information such as the program, the course and duration of theoretical and practical training, the number of estimated hours of driving, the fare to be paid, the terms of termination or withdrawal, etc.

In parallel with this document, you will receive your learning booklet detailing all your actual training, and which you will have to present for the driving license exam.

Choose your driving school according to the quality label and customer reviews

Check if the driving school has a quality label

Since the decree of February 26, 2018, all driving schools with prefectural approval can claim the “quality of training in driving schools” label. But this certification is granted only if the structure meets the following 6 criteria:

consideration of trainees’ assessments.

Of course, Lepermislibre holds the label of training organization which attests to the quality of its training. You can pass the code and the license anywhere in France .

You can also obtain information on the structure that interests you (classic or online driving school), in a few clicks on the internet. Indeed, the web is full of opinions from former driving school candidates, posted on specialized sites such as Trustpilot, for example, as well as social networks ((Tweeter, Facebook, etc.).

One last tip before making your choice: always be wary of driving schools that offer too attractive offers to hide the shortcomings of their training, as well as structures that require full payment of the package in advance… Don’t forget not to find out about the hidden additional costs, in particular the tariff to be paid in the event of failure of the exams. And if you plan to pass the license as a free candidate, do not hesitate to visit the Lepermislibre driving school website to consult all our training offers. Find here more advice for parents looking for a good driving school

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