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Does your car smell of gasoline, and not just right after filling up? In this case, you should have it checked urgently, as it could be seriously damaged. In this article, we will tell you what causes the smell of gasoline in the car can be and how to eliminate it.

Gasoline smell in the car: not to be underestimated

If your car smells of gasoline, you should always have the cause investigated. In some circumstances, the cause of the odor is harmless. But it could also be a more serious problem that needs repair. Gasoline and diesel odors should be treated with the utmost caution, as they can harm your health and that of your passengers. In particular, they cause symptoms such as headaches, nausea or even dizziness.

Tip: Can’t identify the cause yourself? Consult a mechanic for safety. Professionals will quickly determine the causes of the smell of gasoline in the cabin of your car.

Possible Causes of Gasoline Smell in Your Car

If your car interior smells of gasoline, you usually notice it immediately. It is reminiscent of the smell associated with a gas station. The possible causes are many:

Gas station: If your car smells of gas after filling up, it may just be the fumes from the gas station lingering in the cabin. Open the windows and see if the smell dissipates afterwards.

Reserve container: it is often the reserve container in the trunk that is responsible for the smell of gasoline in the car. If it is not covered with an interior coating, gasoline vapors can escape and mask the smell of the new vehicle.

Soaked textiles: If you are not careful when refueling or filling the reserve container, textiles such as your clothes as well as carpets, seat covers or floor mats can be soaked in gasoline. Unfortunately, in this case, it is often not enough to air the car to regain the smell of the new car.

Fuel leak: If a fuel line leaks, fuel escapes and the car then smells of gasoline both when running and when stationary. Take a closer look at the engine compartment. Do you notice places that are significantly cleaner than others? Gasoline acts in the engine compartment as a powerful cleaner, it removes traces of engine oil. The leak is often the result of the material becoming porous, especially in older cars. On modern vehicles, it is rather an external shock, such as a brutal impact against the pavement, which is in question.

How to find the scent of a new car?

If your car smells of diesel or gasoline, rule number 1 is to air it out, air it out, and air it out again. If that’s not enough, you can try these remedies, they are often effective:

Clean floor mats and other textiles with a mixture of hot water and dish soap or upholstery foam. Then let them dry well.

Fill a cup with whole coffee beans and place it in the closed car for several hours.

Boil some vinegar, pour it into an acid-proof container and put it in the car for the night.

If you suspect the reserve canister, preferably opt for a tin canister and clean it thoroughly after filling it.

To remove the smell of gasoline from your hands, apply a paste of baking powder and water.

Preferably give up perfumes. They do not remove the smell, but only mask it.

Absorbents like baby powder or kitty litter can help remove gasoline residue from textiles.

Are these home remedies ineffective in restoring a good smell of new in your cabin? In this case, you absolutely must go to a garage to determine the cause.

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