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Tinted windows, in addition to the exceptional look they give your car, have several practical advantages for comfort and driving safety.


The installation of tinted windows reduces the excess temperature in the passenger compartment of the vehicle by 6 to 10 degrees Celsius, thus offering better comfort to drivers and passengers while saving energy on air conditioning. Tinted windows also protect against fading inside your vehicle by blocking up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.


In addition, automobile windows fitted with solar films reduce driving glare caused by the sun’s rays or headlights by up to 90% and thus promote safer driving day and night.


Also, the solar films reinforce the resistance of the windows by making them more resistant to breakage and by retaining the broken pieces if necessary; which protects the driver and passengers from possible shards of broken glass in the event of an accident.


Another benefit of tinted windows is the privacy offered by hiding objects inside your vehicle that could be a potential target for thieves. Some solar films even reinforce the glass of the pane, so as to make it much more difficult to break in. This is the case with the DUB IR films available at Rapide Vitre Tintée, which are high performance solar films adapted to the harsh Canadian climate.


However, to get the most out of your window tinting work, it is important to entrust the installation of solar films for the windows of your vehicle to qualified professionals not only so that your tinted windows are elegant and durable but also to ensure that you that they comply with provincial and federal regulations.

To help you take advantage of the many benefits of comfort, safety, economy and health offered by tinted windows, Rapide Vitres Tintées offers you in its workshop at 6110 Blvd Métropolitain Est in Montreal , a variety of automotive films. light and dark with multiple levels of protection so you can easily find exactly what you need. Do not hesitate to contact us at 514.581.8468 for any questions.

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