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Wondering what the special VAG tuning technique is all about? This is all about tuning vehicles from the Volkswagen AG automotive group. In this article, we tell you what VAG tuning is, which brands and vehicles can be tuned in this way and which VAG tuning services are offered by specialist garages.

What is VAG tuning?

Tuning: do it yourself or hire a professional?

VAG tuning services

VAG-Tuning-Parts: parts for demanding tuners

What is VAG tuning?

The acronym “VAG” designates the Volkswagen AG automotive group, which notably owns the Volkswagen and Audi brands. It now ranks second among the largest car manufacturers in the world. You’ve probably heard that the Volkswagen and Audi brands go hand in hand. But the group also has a whole series of other brands of cars and motorcycles, including:

  1. Audi Sports
  2. Ducati
  3. Giugiaro
  4. seat




Volkswagen commercial vehicles

Luxury brands like Porsche, Lamborghini or Bentley complete the range. But what does this have to do with VAG tuning? It’s very simple: this generic term includes all tuning operations involving Volkswagen group cars and which are therefore specifically adapted to their basic technology.

Tuning: do it yourself or hire a professional?

VAG tuning is currently very trendy – even outside the tuning scene, many enthusiasts tune their VAG cars. However, a fundamental question arises: is it better to tune your vehicle yourself or to call on a professional? It depends on your knowledge and your tuning plans:

VAG car tuning yourself:

There are many starting points for tuning an Audi or Volkswagen yourself. So even without experience you can make changes to the body, for example with VAG tuning stickers, foils, a new exhaust or a new spoiler. Also for the interior, in the VAG tuning shops you will find numerous accessories such as cockpit lights, sill strips, linings for the center console or textile trim, in order to carry out an aesthetic transformation.

Call a VAG tuning professional:

There are many companies that are exclusively engaged in tuning VAG cars. Among them are companies with a long tradition such as Oettinger Tuning or Bartek Tuning, which have been renowned for decades. They are preferred if you are planning complex modifications that require in-depth knowledge. You should entrust the tuning of your engine to professionals if you do not have experience in the matter. With the “Carly” tuning app for VAG you can even do remote coding. To do this, all you need is the app and an adapter.

VAG tuning services

In addition to the supply of spare parts for vehicles of the Volkswagen Group, an Audi or Volkswagen tuning company above all offers special services for the optimization of the car. Depending on the workshop, this includes normal repairs, assembly and maintenance work and, in addition, these tuning services:

Dyno for four-wheel drive with axle measurement

Brake tester

Individual checks and approvals

Engine tuning to increase engine power (chiptuning or chip change)

Professional cleaning of engine components (e.g. injection nozzles, high pressure injectors)

Mechanical engine cleaning

Installation of high-performance racing engines for the highest revs.

Professional tuners attach great importance to the quality of their work. This is why they generally rely on original OEM parts and control each service carried out down to the smallest detail.

VAG-Tuning-Parts: parts for demanding tuners

Chiptuning is almost a must for tuning fans. It is a question of modifying the parameters of the engine management in a targeted manner in order to boost the engine power. It is also possible to change the chip. You can then choose between several power levels via a special device.

Would you like to do the tuning of your Volkswagen yourself? Then you need the best quality spare parts. Typical starting points are the engine, gearbox, exhaust system and on-board electronics. In addition, you need to get some tools and some measuring devices (for example to measure the air pressure).

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