Gear Shaving Cutters


When we wish to give the gear surface of the teeth a smooth finish following the hobbing and shaping processes, we utilize a gear shaving cutter. When creating various sorts of gears, finishing is a crucial step. For the creation of final gears, this procedure is essential. Gear shaving cutters manufacturer typically utilized when the greatest level of accuracy and finishing quality is required for the big scale of manufacturing. The shaving cutter’s design is such that when it is used, it increases the production of gears efficiency.

Shaving cutters offer several advantages in terms of many different factors, including efficiency, productivity, cost, etc.

The points of benefits given are as follows:

When used to produce gears, the shaving cutter produces precision.

The cutters depend on each other heavily and create the gears precisely. Precision is crucial for meeting the gears’ production criteria. Hence, shaving cutters can be quite helpful in achieving entirely accurate and precise gear.

The precision and price of the shaving blades are well known.

They provide the best cost-to-production ratio, which lowers the cost of manufacturing. On a big scale, gears are produced using gear-shaving cutters. Shaving cutters help to create gears with the most significant possible polish by assuring economies of scale.

Enhanced Efficiency –

The shaving cutters give the gears the most excellent finishing with no rough edges to spare. It ensures the necessary finishing before producing gears on a wide scale. It is well known to offer greater effectiveness for this task.

The optimum finish for the gears can only be obtained via the shaving cutter.

Before the gears hit the market, Unisource completes this task. The gears are produced by shaving cutters and are ready for use when they hit the market.

Improved Quality

Shaving cutters aid in producing gears sold after receiving all final touches. Finishing is done to ensure that the product complies with standards. So, excellent quality is assured by developing standardized gears and having them readily available in the market. Hence, shaving cutters contribute to improving the gears’ overall quality.

According to the needs of the customer, these cutters are offered in a variety of sizes with conventional, diagonal, and plunge cuts. Gear shaving cutter price also varies with this.

Cutters are made with profiles that include features like lead crowning, depth crowning, and tip relief on the component.

After handling with a hob and shaper cutter, shaving cutters are used to finish in a small amount of rigging tooth surface. Among the four types of preparation (regular, askew, underpass, and dive cut), this cut is most commonly associated with the undercarriage of 4 wheel and two-wheel vehicles because of its productivity and durability.


Above mentioned are some advantages of shaving cutters in gear manufacturing. The production industry’s use of gears has undergone a complete transformation. It offers them so many benefits and has been a top priority for many producers. Customers must therefore choose the greatest shaving cutter deals available. In essence, the cutters are utilized to create gear teeth.

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