Repair aluminum rims


It happened quickly – a slight rub against a curb and the rim was already left with a nasty dent. Simply replacing it is hardly an option due to the high purchase price. We show you how to repair the rims yourself and what the costs are.

Can and should you repair rims yourself?

Repair aluminum rims in the workshop

Repairing rims: here’s how to do it step by step

Repair rims: cost overview

Can and should you repair rims yourself?

Let’s start with the good news: as long as the scratches or nicks in the metal are no more than a millimeter deep, you can still repair them yourself. You can sand and polish the rims, then seal and repaint them. There are, however, interventions that are not permitted when repairing rims:

Heat treatments


Repair of deformations

Any other technique that may affect the quality or strength of the material

You can of course carry out these works, but you will no longer be able to use the repaired rim on the road. Whether you can repair the rims yourself depends on the severity of the damage. Small damage can occur if the rim has touched the pavement slightly, the spider has slipped during a wheel change or the rim has fallen off.

Repair aluminum rims in the workshop

If you prefer to play the safety card, you have come to the right address with a “rim doctor”. Using diagnostic tools, the professionals examine precisely whether it is a superficial visual defect or whether the rim has suffered deeper damage.

If the rim is still repairable, the mechanic can treat the metal with a special sanding process based on the principle of rotation. Thus, it retains its operational resistance and there is no risk of compromising safety. If you repair the rims yourself, the costs will certainly be lower than in the workshop. However, if you have any doubts as to the severity of the damage, call a mechanic.

Tip: always call a specialist if you have compacted, polished, shiny or chrome rims. Improper repair may cause further damage.

Repairing rims: here’s how to do it step by step

If you want to repair your rims, it is best to use a repair kit (also known as smart-repair or spot-repair). These rim repair kits already contain the necessary materials and tools. These include, for example, various abrasive papers, repair paste, cleaning aids, spatulas and paint pens. Here’s how to repair:

1st step: Remove the wheel and clean the rim. Cover the areas you don’t want to sand with masking tape.

Step 2: Use sandpaper or an electric sander to sand down light scratches. Proceed with care and do not sand too much.

3rd step: Clean the rim and remove all traces of grease.

Step 4: Now preferably apply primer first and then the new paint.

Repair rims: cost overview

If you want to repair or renovate your rims, the costs vary depending on the damage and the work to be done. In a specialized garage, they are between 50 and 180 euros if you have the rim sanded and painted.

The work is significantly cheaper if you repair the rims yourself. The cost of a repair kit is around 15-25 euros. Since these kits already contain everything for repairing the rims, the costs do not increase much.

Your rim is too damaged? Simply order new aluminum or steel rims from Motointegrator and you will receive them within a few days.

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