Tinting your car windows is a great idea. Still have doubts ? We dissipate them in an instant. Discover six benefits of tinted windows. Do you think that a film to darken the windows is only useful on sunny days? It is not so ! Other benefits might surprise you. Tinted windows propel your car into a higher category.

1. Tinted windows protect your skin

You and your passengers are exposed to high doses of UVA and UVB rays during your long journeys. Bad news, because UV rays…

are carcinogenic;

burn the skin;

accelerate skin aging;

are bad for the interior of your car.

Babies and young children are particularly susceptible to harmful UV rays. Hence the importance of protecting you and your offspring with a tinted film . A good quality film reduces UVA and UVB rays by 99%.

2. Tinted windows prevent theft

Tinted films deter burglars. A thief takes a look inside your car first before acting. Does he see anything of value in it? He enters the vehicle. But the tinted windows don’t let him see much. Result: he becomes discouraged and quickly moves on, looking for more interesting prey. And know that you can see perfectly from the inside what is happening outside.

3. Tinted windows slow down burglaries

A thief always operates as quickly as possible: inspect the car, watch the surroundings, break the window and… rummage around at full speed! But a good window film has a special quality that you might not immediately associate with theft prevention  : it ensures that the shards of glass in your car window stick together , slowing down theft considerably. There is therefore a good chance that the criminal will change his mind and take to their heels.

Quality film won’t peel, crack, peel or fade. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on your film and its placement. For an even safer, more elegant and more secure car. Request your non-binding offer from Carglass ® .

4. Tinted windows keep you cool

In the event of a heat wave, your car turns into a hot sauna . The temperature therefore rises rapidly in your passenger compartment . And this heat causes a nasty discoloration. Install tinted films and don’t give the sun’s rays a chance. They decrease , in fact, the temperature of 16°C and reduce the passage of UV . You also save fuel , because you considerably reduce the use of the air conditioning.

5. Tinted windows provide better protection in the event of an accident

Even the best of drivers are not immune to a car accident. Hopefully you haven’t had that experience yet. A road accident often leaves marks. The shards of glass from your car windows are flying all over the place. Result ? Serious injuries , in addition to the damage caused by the accident itself. But tinted films have a safety feature that comes in handy in this dangerous situation: shards of glass stick to the film. The film holds the pieces of glass in your windows together . What better to protect you , your passengers and you.

6. Tinted windows give an impression of robustness

Your modern car is much more than a means of transport. You want a unique car. The tinted windows give it a tough, cool and sporty look . Not to mention that they offer you and your passengers greater privacy . A must have for anyone who

What does the law say about tinted windows?

Do you apply tinting film to your car windows? It makes sense. Of course, Carglass ® takes into account the legislation  :

you can tint your rear side windows and your rear window in any color , as long as you can see out from the inside, your car has two side mirrors and the maximum degree of reflection or 15%;

It is forbidden to place a film on your front side windows or your windscreen . However, you can affix a sun visor with or without lettering to the windshield. This sun visor strip should stay above the lower edge of your sun visors when they are

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